Infinity Group Australia Featured in AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List.

Infinity Group Australia was ranked in the 58th position by the Australian Financial Review. The distinguished list ranks the most innovative firms in Australia and New Zealand.


Infinity Group was founded in the year 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm.

The firm has enjoyed a long streak of success since its inception. It has grown to become one of Australia’s top companies in debt reduction.


The company has helped an inestimable number of Australians enhance their funds, reduce their debts and secure their financial futures. It is due to these immense contributions that AFR featured the company as one of the most innovative companies of 2018.


The Australian Financial Review has been publishing its annual list of the most innovative companies for seven years now. The menu was referred to as BRW Most Innovative Companies at the time of its foundation. The file that covers the top 100 companies is featured in the Australian Financial Review which is read by more than 1.8 million readers.


In the year 2018 edition, Australia Financial Review presented a list of 1000 nominees from Australia and New Zealand. AFR came up with a team of highly qualified innovation consultancy officers to make up a panel of judges. The nominees were scrutinized on problem-solving techniques, the quality of their solutions and the effects of their answers in the real world.


On receiving the honor, Infinity Group Australia’s founder, Graeme Holm said that he was proud to have been listed in one of the most prestigious lists. On behalf of the Group, he thanked the Australian Financial Review and the Inventium team. He attributed the success to his side of employees who had dedicated their time to do things differently.


Graeme Holm boosts of a 15-year experience in the financial industry. His interest in banking and provision of financial help to Australian families motivated him to establish the group. Headquartered in Bella Vista, Sydney, the company is committed to offering consultancy help to its clients. It has successfully enabled 100 percent of its customers to pay off their mortgages in a period of fewer than three months.


Usually, it takes many homes 12 months to clear their home loans. However, with a three month pay off plan structured by Infinity, many homes have recorded an average sale of $41,000 in debts. In the Infinity Group Australia reviews, several dwellings testify on how the group has been of value to them. Learn more :

Outstanding Advantages of Joining Fortress Investment Group

This investment group was inaugurated as a private company back in the year 1998. Since that year it has been transformed into a global investment manager that gives support to a diversified financial investment portfolio for the people who have become members of fortress investment community of investors. According to a research that was conducted a few years ago on the history of Fortress Group, its investment and financial activities, the firm has taken advantage of investment opportunities over many years.

Since 1998 to date the Fortress Investment Group has made a number of strides in their growth including investment activities such as:

• The launching of the Fortress Credit Opportunities fund
• The group launched the Japan Income fund in the year 2013
• In the year 2007, Nomura, a strategic partner was added in the group
• In 2011, the group opened many offices worldwide including Shanghai, San Francisco, and Singapore
• It launched Asset Based Income Fund back in 2017

All these investments brought significant benefit and influence on how best this investment group is performing today. This article guides you to the outstanding benefits that you should pay much attention to.

1. Diversification of Options
Diversification of Options

One great advantage of joining this investment firm is the diverse options the group has, which are available to those people who need them. You will have a wide range of options where you can select from. If you choose to do so you may decide to invest in the real estate sector or other structured finance sectors. In either option you choose, you will have various opportunities that will provide a multi-faceted approach.

2. Investors will have a chance to adhere to principles of investing
Investors will have a chance to adhere to principles of investing

In most cases, seasoned investors are not familiar with making wise decisions when it comes to matters of investments. They usually increase their opportunities for losing instead of gaining investment opportunities. The moment they join Fortress Investment Group they get an opportunity of making wise decisions since they will be guided by smart principles of making good investments.

3. There is continued advanced opportunities in Fortress Investment Group
There is continued advanced opportunities in Fortress Investment Group

Since its incorporation in 1998, investors who have joined Fortress Investment Group have benefited from growth opportunities. For instance, they are introduced not only to domestic investment but also to international investment.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group has many golden opportunities for aggressive investors who are willing and looking to invest globally.

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The Story and Success of Lime Crime’s CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a Russian-born entrepreneur and makeup mogul, who founded the Los Angeles-based cosmetic brand, Lime Crime in 2008. Her vibrant and whimsical style can be seen all throughout her everyday attire and bold makeup choices. Doe Deere introduced to the world an array of wonderfully unconventional cosmetic palettes. Her social media pages and blogs showcased her brand’s exciting new pigments and bold makeup techniques, inspiring many millennials to pull-off ultra blue “Unicorn Lipstick” or greenish pastel hues before hitting the town. Lime Crime is simply Doe Deere’s gift to the world. Her unique products from Lime Crime emulate fairy tales, mythological creatures, subcultures and fantasy. They range from liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, semi-permanent hair dyes, glitter, faux nails and more.


Doe Deere has expressed her passion for animals and human rights in kind. She has made continuous time and effort to donate to the following charitable organizations and no-kill animal shelters: Sanctuary for Families, Girls Inc., Heart of Los Angeles, the Red Cross, Bide-A-Wee and Adopt NY. Deere has also made sure that Lime Crime reflects what she wholeheartedly believes in. The brand is now one hundred percent certified vegan and cruelty-free by both non-profit organizations, PETA and Leaping Bunny. This certifies to its consumers that none of the ingredients used in Lime Crime’s products were ever tested on animals, nor contain any animal byproducts whatsoever.



As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, Doe Deere has showcased her avid support for young women that found success in their own endeavors. She occasionally speaks at public expos and makeup conventions across the United States and uses her platform to encourage and inspire young women and girls to become their own bosses. Deere started Lime Crime after experimenting with her own makeup colors and modeling her new looks online. Her fanbase began to grow almost instantaneously, and she knew she had created something big and bold. Lime Crime was the brilliant brainchild that would keep her living comfortably for years to come. Its latest product is “Plushies,” a sheer-matte liquid lipstick line with many summery hues of oranges and berries to choose from.

Alex Pall And Andrew Taggart Speak On Relevance, Identity And Growth

Alex Pall says people relate the music of the Chainsmokers on a very deep level, and that’s something they want to continue to get from their fans. That desire causes them as a group to stay in self-discovery mode and constantly checking themselves. Even after the day is done, on the way home they can find themselves discussing their art or a creative concept and how they really feel about it and what they expect it to be. There is always an open discussion regarding how they feel about a project. They continuously try new things to keep their own interest, engagement, and relevance in the industry.


Building An Identity

For the group to be in the electronic genre it can be both easy and hard to build a strong identity. Andrew says all genres have artists in them that create things for the market that is similar to the stuff people already like. There are so many people fighting against each other to be the one person that gets noticed. He says they’ve been in that race before, being an unknown artist painting on a familiar canvas. He says you have to do this mimicking until you find your own individual style. It took them to decide to just be themselves, and not try to fit a mold. They aren’t a one lane group, they listen to a variety of music so they started creating music that blurred the lines across various genres.


Staying Ahead Of The Release

Andrew notes the interesting thing about the way music is released, the fans only know them for what they have heard in the past or are currently listening to. As an artist you can only release so much at a time. The group is really years ahead of what is being listened to at the time. So they’ve already evolved into the next thing and still continuing to improve themselves. Their goal is to write songs about them and their lives. The song “CloserAndrew is singing on personally. He’s sharing his experience about hooking up with his ex-girlfriend and instantly understanding why he broke it off with her before.

Paul Mampilly: From Wall Street to Main Street, a National Treasure for Mainstream American Investors

After leaving his job on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly set out on a mission, one that puts mainstream American investors first. Since his graduation in 1991 from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly has worked for various corporations in the financial industry including Bankers Trust, ING, and Deutsche Bank, eventually managing Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund. While managing Kinetics hedge fund, he increased its assets to a whopping 25 billion. Although an incredible achievement in its own right, it wasn’t enough for Mampilly. Unhappy with current business practices on Main Street; Mampilly left to concetrate his endeavors on helping new investors achieve the same types of success.

Focusing his entrepreneurial spirit on building a business model that is investor-centric; Paul Mampilly now provides a publication, Profits Unlimited, through Banyan Hill Publishing. Currently, his newsletter boasts 90,000 subscribers centered on a unique business model that isn’t concerned with investing money for his readers. Instead, subscribers to his newsletter purchase stocks through their personal brokerage accounts; uniquely granting investors the opportunity of having an experienced financial advisor without subjection to Mampilly’s direct interference. According to a recent article published through Live News Paper one subscriber, after following Mampilly’s suggested stocks, boasted that “since becoming a member of Paul Mampilly’s newsletter his portfolio was thriving and this was the first time he had achieved success in the stock market.”

What’s the key to Mampilly’s success? Well according to Chronicle Week, being a natural innovator, Paul Mampilly does something most never do, spends up to 14 hours a day following trends in stocks purchased by his clients. The sheer level of hard work and dedication Mampilly puts forth in his work to please subscribers are what separates him from the competition.

When he isn’t writing for his popular Profits Unlimited newsletter, Mr. Mampilly diverts his endeavors to four more elite trading services, Extreme Fortunes, Rapid Profit Trader, and True Momentum, a research service started in 2017.

Discover Your Natural Features With Lime Crime

What’s Unique About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an exclusive line of eye-shadow and lipstick products that stands unmatched by their competitors. The founder of the intricate color collection, Doe Deere, was not afraid to experiment with colors. In fact, she was one of the first to try the rich super-foil base, while others were hesitant, but the move proved to be a success. Colors like their Apricot Nude collection are a must have, before the summer is over. Bring out your best features with a trendy cosmetic blend that features several palette sizes. Best of all, their cosmetics are a perfect blend for a gal or a guy.

LC Cosmetics Business News

As an exclusive brand, the Tenegram, equity group became interested in an acquisition with the cosmetic giants. Tenegram is only interested in partnering with brands that have previously made a name for themselves, and they’ve sold millions of products exclusively online. They will be branded under the direction of former Fresh, manager, Stacy Panakagis, new LC Cosmetics, CEO. The cosmetic blend will still be sold under their vegan moniker. Their completely hypoallergenic formula is a safe blend for all skin types. Customers with sensitive skin are also invited to use their popular cosmetics for a safe cosmetic alternative to other competitors.

LC Cosmetics International News

There was a huge blackmarket of matte cosmetics being sold in China, but the LC brand, Global Manager, along with Doe Deere, came up with a solution. She was interested in growing her international connections, and she decided on an e-commerce market geared towards the giant market. She discovered her new online network was a success. Deere, was able to sell thousands of original products in China within a week of their start and captured the attention of Tenegram. In fact, their smudge-proof eye-liner has been an absolute success in China.

You’re invited to visit Wikipedia to learn more about the international deals with the cosmetics giants. Looking for ways to mix and match the buttery-smooth blend? You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime website for more purchasing options.

Herbalife Nutrition: Utilizing a Seed to Feed Strategy

Herbalife 24 sponsors athletes such as soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo grew up playing soccer on the streets, then eventually began to train with his father at a local indoor soccer club. As he played with different teams, Cristiano Ronaldo learned how much he enjoyed being part of a team environment and his desire to become a professional soccer player started to take form.


Now a professional soccer player, Ronaldo accepts that as a younger player who was just in it for the love of the game he didn’t have to pay as much attention to nutrition; however, now his body is a tool in his success and he realizes he has to treat it as such. Herbalife 24 supplies the elite level nutrition that Cristiano Ronaldo needs to elevate his game and keep his body in optimal condition. The confidence that Ronaldo has in the nutrition that Herbalife 24 provides him allows him to push his limits and boundaries successfully.

Herbalife Nutrition was initially founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. Herbalife currently employs 8,000 individuals globally with operations in 95 countries. It is considered a multi-level marketing company and is one of the longest lasting businesses of its kind. Herbalife Ltd officially changed its name to Herbalife Nutrition on April 25, 2018.


The Herbalife line of products contains weight management tools, nutrition supplements, sports-based nutritional supplements, and personal care products. These products are offered in the form of protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, and sports hydration beverages. There are soy-based products for those who are dairy-free or vegan, as well as allergen-free, kosher or halal. The company operates five manufacturing facilities and has transitioned to a seed to feed strategy where they are able to track the origin of each of the products inside their formulas. Additionally, Herbalife now has a botanical extraction facility which produces a variety of botanical extracts including teas, guarana, chamomile, bilberry, and broccoli, which are used in many of the company’s assorted offerings.

Contactless Payment Method by PSI-Pay

The British Retail Consortium indicates that over half all the purchases that are made in Britain are paid using credit cards. It, therefore, means that the recent announcement that Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay could signify that the cashless system will continue to influence the market. These two firms are supporting the cashless payments, and have come together for the sake of releasing the first ring of contactless payment in the international market. The contactless payment uses the smartcards, credit and debit cards as the form of payment for the goods and services that a person buys. PSI Pay is the firm that is offering this system while its affiliate Kerv happens to do it alongside its proprietary ring. The contactless method of payment is secured by using Near Field Communication (NFC) or the RFID technology where a customer only needs to tap their card or ring at the point of sale to make the payment.


Nonetheless, the transactions that can be processed by the contactless technology are limited for the reasons of ensuring that the customer is protected from unauthorized payments as the contactless payment does not need kind of a signature or a PIN. The largest amount that a transaction should have differs from one bank to the other as well as by the county. The ring payment capacity in the UK is capped at 30 pounds. When it comes to the field of contactless payment, PSI-Pay is the leader.

PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is regulated by the British government’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The firm is known to offer rapid, private and secure means of payments transactions for individuals and business all over the world. PSI-Pay with its professional staffs who have a lot of experience has been offering their services globally since 2007. The firm operates on efficiency, clarity and transparency policy and this has helped it to take the lead in matters concerning contactless payments. When it comes to supplying electronic money, PSI-Pay is authorized under the 2011 EU electronic money regulations. The company can provide electronic funds to all the European Union countries and over 170 countries globally.—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data

Who Is The Popular Financial Group

Why Customers Are Choosing NexBank

The NexBank Financial Group is known for their personal account services because this is how they started out in Dallas, Texas. However, they now, offer their patrons an opportunity for commercial and industrial accounts. NexBank boasts themselves as a superior financial services group providing professional and quality service since 1998. You have the option of putting your hard earned money to work for you. In fact, your money is backed by FDIC insurance and over $67.4 billion dollars in assets. NexBank, helps you save money, you don’t need to spend with many great savings opportunities.

NexBank Business News

The EVERFI® Group focuses on technology used for gaming simulation, but recently recognized the NexBank Group for a prestigious award. Their President, John Holt, says, they were honored to be nominated for the prestigious Financial Compatibility Innovation Award for creating banking technology excellence. In fact, NexBank continues to lead the financial industry with a high standard of customer service. You can speak to one of their expert technicians to find out how you qualify for an account. Enjoy great financial services that give you an opportunity to make better decisions about your money.

Other NexBank Financial News

NexBank stockholders are proud of the growth of their recent equity. They have sought out to bring more customers to the financial industry than ever before, and they’ve been able to gain over $67.4 billion dollars in revenue. Their equity continues to attract big name financial to the network. They’ve also partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, to help thousands of people to realize their dreams of owning a home with limited resources. You can get a great interest rate in comparison to other mortgage program lenders along with reduced monthly mortgage payments.

NexBank Services

– financial planning services

– live support professional

– experienced technicians

– automated services

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– superior direct deposit

– IRA accounts

– college savings online tab

– and much more…

Join NexBank online to see how you qualify for an account today.

Penelope Kokkinides.  An Innovacare leader committed towards the improvement of Puerto Rico’s health sector

The health sector is one of the most areas of the economy of any given nation because it is a necessity for human existence. Innovacare health is one of the North American’s health institutions providing managed health care to the residents mostly in Brazil, Puerto Rico. The institution was started just some years ago, and today it is named as the institutions that have been able to explode into ingrowth over the few years. Its expansion is not just natural since it is through the efforts of the members of the company especially the leaders who have to do their best to ensure that its operations are of the highest standards.

One of the, most influential leaders at Innovacare Health in Puerto Rico who had recently met with the president of the United States Donald Trump to discuss the health issues in Puerto Rico and on how to make necessary improvements in the sector. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of thew Comopanand she has vast knowledge and experience in the health sector which makes her one of the prominent women who can be called upon in case there are issues in the health sector in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in managing clinical operations, improving the organization’s structures among other areas of expertise in the industry.

During the meeting with Donald Trump, she discusses the plans of the company towards the improvement of the health systems in Puerto Rico. One disadvantage about having the inefficient operation of the health sector in the home country is that the residents may be forced to acquire the services at very high costs that may be unaffordable to most of the middle and lower class groups in the economy. This may result in some adverse effects such as an increase in the mortality rate, low-income family planning practices among others.

Due to this, Innovacare seeks to improve health services and make sure that they do not have to borrow or explore a lot of health assistance from outside to minimise the costs of acquiring health services by the residents in Puerto Rico. It aims at utilising the most advanced form of technology to make sure that they give services that are cost friendly and are of maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Also, Innovacare health has also job opportunities that are available such as Chief Financial Officer, sales representative, corporate Chief Medical Officer among other job opportunities that require experienced and conversant personnel that will be dedicated and committed to contributing to the common goals of the institution.