Cameron Clokie: Career In Toronto And Educational Background

Cameron Clokie is a successful doctor. In short, he is a great surgeon, a scientist and an entrepreneur. If you’re interested in learning more about what he has done in his career, what he’s continuing to do and other interesting information, then continue to read this article.

Cameron Clokie’s Career And Educational Background

Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur who is the CEO of the company Induce Biologics, which is a company that focuses on finding innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. He is also a teacher. At the University of Toronto, he is a professor, as well as the head of the university’s oral and maxillofacial surgery department.

His expertise has led him to contributing to a number of publications and he has traveled internationally to lecture on various topics. The topics he lectured on related to university related tech transfer, as well as oral regeneration. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He is highly educated. In 1985, he earned his DDS, short for Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also received a Ph.D in bone regeneration from McGill University.

Example Of His Work

One example of Clokie’s work includes performing a method of bone regeneration on patient that lost tissue in the bottom right side of his jaw. The procedure was a success and resulted in the patient growing bone along that side of his jaw. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Hospital Information and Nearby Florists

In the above example, Cloke used a certain protein that seduces stem cells into transforming into bone tissue. The process has allowed a technique to be created that can rest the clock of the jaw’s skeletal. In short, Clokie helped the patient grow new jawbone.


One of his major accomplishments was previously discussed, with him helping a patient regrow jawbone., Another accomplishment is that he is currently the holder of numerous US patents or pending patents. Some of those patents relate to bone healing. Not only that, but he has provided his knowledge to various enterprises.

Norman Pattiz Announces Results after a Research Finding Based on the Effects of Podcast Advertising to Marketing

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz has been making news headlines following his announcement regarding the positive impact of consumer behavior on five prominent brands. The chairman of Podcast One was assisted by Tom Webster, the head cheerleader of Edison Research.

The details of the results offered insight on the before and after effects of podcast advertising to consumer behavior. Throughout the study, Edison Research identified the effects of podcast campaign on specific brands. The results were based on specific messaging as well as the customer’s intention to buy.

Research Findings

From the research, the following results were important to note:

  • Brand awareness on a particular vehicle increased by 76%. On the other side, a dining restaurant attracted a client base of approximately 60%.
  • In the post-study research, more than a third of all respondents had a preference for a particular vehicle in the market. This marked an increase in choice by 7%.
  • Financial services from a particular company had a higher demand compared to the initial stage. This was an increase of 47%.
  • More than 60% of the interviewed team had a preference for a particular grocery brand after the podcast campaign. This was an increase of 6%.
  • While conducting the podcast research campaign, the candidates had a preference for a particular brand of car. This was an increase from the initial 18%.


When Edison Research was conducting the study, the team found it necessary to have three slots of research. This was done to increase the chances of having accurate results. While most brands in the study had impeccable reputation according to the consumers, others were in the trial stage. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

These products were considered to be going through the product awareness stage. The aim of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign on these commodities. Within the four to six weeks it was conducted, Edison Research employed the same technique. It was concluded that most consumers preferred the advertised brands.

Pattiz’ Profile

Until June 2016, Norma Pattiz was the chief executive officer of Podcast One. Presently, he is the executive chairman. Pattiz has overseen the growth of the firm into being America’s best news provider in sports, entertainment as well as traffic programming.

Additionally, he is the founder of an entertainment group called Courtside. The group focuses on exploring untapped talents in the entertainment industry. A testament to the popularity of the company is the frequency with which it has hosted personalities like Larry King and Steve Austin.

Keeping Our Jail Safer with the Securus Technologies Communication System

I work on the front lines in our jail, and we have the biggest population of gang members in Texas. These gangs must be separated or they will literally kill one another and every officer if they had their way. This is a very dangerous job that requires we be on our toes every second or we could put ourselves and fellow officer’s lives at risk.


In order to control the gang violence in our jail, my job has three very important elements. First, each day I am at the visitor center checking that every person coming into the jail does not have any contraband. Things like drugs, cellphones, or weapons, all give the inmates an advantage over us officers and are not tolerated.


Secondly, I am in charge of surprise cell inspections each day. Some days we hit the same cells day after day, other times we mix up the searches. Even with these surprise inspections, the inmates always seem to know when we are coming, so now we wait until they are all in the cafeteria before tearing apart their cells. We do find some contraband, but the huge scores are usually far and between.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communication system, we finally had the edge we needed. The LBS software allows us to now pick up on conversations that seemed innocent in the past, but now are recognized as a call out to soldiers to carry out certain instructions. One call allowed us to catch a huge amount of contraband coming in with a supply truck, something that took countless weapons and drugs out of those gang members hands behind bars.