Securus Technologies, Using Technology to Bring People Together

Securus Technologies is always on the move. It’s no surprise that the 30-year-old company based in Texas is undergoing major changes. Staying ahead of the game with Technology is just one of the few ways that Securus validates itself as an industry leader. The company specializes in correctional facility management. Providing technical support for facility staff, such as monitoring inmates, and providing management software barely scrape the surface of the services provided. For its external customers, Securus offers telecommunications services such as telephone calling plans, video visitation, and many other affordable options to keep in touch. The company has also been able to reduce the cost of communicating with inmates; a topic that was the source of many complaints among all service providers.


In order to stay ahead, Securus Technologies has acquired many companies over the years. Most recently, GovPayNet has joined the team. The company is in financial services, based in Indiana, and is over 20 years old. More specifically, GovPayNet processes payments for governmental facilities. Services include cash bail payments, traffic ticket payments, probation payments, and much more. The company was excited to join Securus, as it will open many more doors for the company. JPay, another Securus acquisition is currently working on technology to enhance the safety of correctional facilities. Wireless containment systems are currently in the testing phase and are expected to become mandatory in facilities.


Despite all the progress, Securus Technologies remains customer oriented. The company is best at connecting inmates with their loved ones. The communications services provided, are the services people associate the company with. The company recently became accredited with the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating was well deserved, as the company has been consciously improving its services offered, and customer service. Over 95 percent of customers are happy with the service Securus provides. With such a great record, it’ll be interesting to see what developments will be making headlines next.


USHEALTH Group Provides Self-Employed Individuals, Families, and Small Business Owners with Award Winning Insurance Plans

About USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is an insurance company with a group of PPO networks. They provide innovative insurance solutions to over 15 million customers. Their headquarters are located in Ft. Worth, Texas, and they have been up and running for well over 40 years. Some of their products include; Life Insurance, Disease/Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Disability Insurance. They provide their broad choice of services to many self-employed individuals, families, and small business owners in the United States. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is also very well-known for providing exceptional customer service and catering to their customer’s individual needs. They are distinguished for their innovative products and their commitment to helping individuals and their families.

Plans To Protect Your Family

USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers products and services with your family in mind. Their product “LifeProtector” offers customers a renewable term 10-year life insurance. It gives your family financial security in the event of a sudden death. The coverage will help your family with obligations such as a mortgage, car payments, or other expenses.

Another product of theirs called “Income Protector” works in a similar way. It protects your family in the event of an accidental injury. If you are disabled and without a paycheck you will receive help with your bills for up to 12 months. You will also have the ability to choose your total monthly disability benefits as well as your maximum period for benefit payments. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

Product Innovation

Product innovation is something USHEALTH Group does very well. Their PremierChoice product was recently selected as the Gold Winner for its product innovation in the Annual 2017 CEO World Awards. Premier Choice allows customers to purchase only the minimal essential health coverage. This means no more paying for health coverage you know you won’t use. You are given the option to purchase additional coverage through their “Short Term Medical-Surgical Expense” plan at any time with no further underwriting. The plan also offers rollover features, so if you don’t use your benefits you won’t lose them! Their Premier Choice plan is a prime example of the company’s outstanding innovation. Currently, they are the only insurance group to offer long-term fixed rates giving customers the ability to lock in their rates for up to 15 months. Learn more: