Brazilian Butt lifts or Traditional Butt Lifts in Dallas, Texas

One of the biggest confusions in the medical industry comes from the two terms Brazilian butt lifts and traditional butt lifts. Though they fall under the same main category, they are very much different in nature. The Brazilian butt lift is for those who are looking to add volume to their backsides. The traditional butt lift is for those who are seeking a more streamlined buttocks that’s firm. The amount of body fat, the amount of sagging skin and the specific body type can play a major role in which procedure that is right for you. Your surgeon will go over all the circumstances and methods, but most importantly, your surgeon will make the final call.


If you have an abundance of sagging skin, then the Brazilian butt lift isn’t for you. Too much sagging skin can hinder the process to some degree, and it’s more commonly found with surgeons who specialize in traditional butt lifts. Traditional butt lifts does a great job of removing excess skin as well as the removal of excess layers of fat. On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift is more about sculpting rather than cutting. Liposuction does most of the work with Brazilian butt lifts in which it isn’t used with traditional butt lifts. Yes, this can be a lot of information to take in at one time, but you must become familiar with the process beforehand.


So, what are some of the best medical facilities for receiving great butt lift surgery? The answer is fairly simple because Dallas has many high-quality medical facilities that specialize in this subject. Khan Plastic Surgery, Mansfield Plastic Surgery Center, Innovations Medical and BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa are some of the best butt lift medical facilities in town.


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