Securus Technologies The Only Provider of Contraband Interdiction Technology

Many inmates use contraband phones inside the prison, and it is not a secret anymore. One of the videos that went viral on different social networking platforms recently, taken by an inmate, showcased how easy it is to get contraband phones and other items inside the prison. The prison authorities, as well as the people, were in shock as to how the prisons, which are supposed to be highly secured, can have such security lapse. Securus Technologies, a leading correctional and criminal justice technology firm, recently came up with the solution to the contraband phone use menace. It rolled out the wireless containment solution, which would help in stopping any kind of illegal communications to happen from inside the prison. Any calls to and from the contraband phones would be banned, and the contraband phones would stop receiving any signals from the network carrier.


Securus Technologies feel that the use of contraband phones must be stopped at once as it is what is contributing heavily to the increase in crime rate recently. Securus Technologies is known for its lavish investments in developing new technologies, and for developing wireless containment solutions, the company has spent an upward of $40 million. The company says that it is dedicated to making the correctional facilities as well as the communities safer. There are many other factors that the company has been considering to help more and more prison facilities to start using wireless containment solutions as soon as possible. In a span of one year, the wireless containment solution was able to stop nearly 1.7 million unauthorized communications from inside the prisons in which it was installed.


One of the people who stand by the Wireless Containment System developed by Securus Technologies is Robert Johnson. I read one of his interviews and was amazed how far he has come after being attacked by one of the inmate’s associates. He suffered multiple gunshots but was able to save his wife who was sleeping when he was attacked. He managed to get his attention so that his wife could run out and get help. But, before his wife could call for help, he was shot many times. The ambulance arrived right on time, and he was taken to the hospital where the bullets were removed. Even though he spent six months in the hospital, he was able to make a full recovery.


After a thorough investigation, Robert came to know the person behind the attack was one of the inmates who was locked inside the prison where he was an officer. It was then he knew how dangerous cell phones could be, something that most of take for granted when we are free. Thus, he is pleading the prisons to install the new system within their facility as soon as they can so no one had to suffer as he did.



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