Dr. Saad Saad: A Doctor with an Excellent Track Record

It is the goal of Dr. Saad Saad to become a doctor ever since he was in high school. His parents thought that he would become an engineer just like his brothers, but he revealed his passion for becoming a doctor because he wanted to save lives. To reach his dreams, he had to enroll himself at a local college after he finished high school. He would need to spend a couple of years studying to get his pre-medical degree. After he graduated from the local college, he had to transfer to Egypt to continue his studies. His parents gave their permission for him to leave, and wished him good luck in all of his endeavors.



Dr. Saad Saad became a medical student at the Cairo University, and he exhibited an impressive dedication to finish his studies. His classmates described him as someone who prefers to study rather than going outside, and because of his perseverance to become one of the best, he graduated being the second best in all of the graduating class. His parents felt proud after realizing that their son would now have a brighter future because of his excellent records back at the university. To complete his dream of becoming a doctor, he had to travel to the United Kingdom where he would be pursuing his internship. He finished the internship program and was given his license to practice the profession.



It was the dream of Dr. Saad Saad to live and work in the United States, so he took up an examination in Lebanon that would allow him to get a license to practice his profession in America. He passed the examination and was allowed to fly to the United States and live there. While in the United States, he spent a lot of time studying to get certifications, especially in pediatric surgery and general surgery. He was able to finish two certification programs, and he started to practice what he learned. He was considered as one of the best surgeons in the hospital where he worked, and his mentors are proud of his achievements.



In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad also developed a lot of reforms in performing his surgeries. He was credited with inventing a catheter that has an integrated electromagnetic locator that can locate the safest place in the patient’s body where the device should be placed. He also invented an improvement with endoscopy, allowing for a better view of the patient’s internal system using the small camera. These inventions have helped him perform better surgeries, but only a few doctors know about these devices. Dr. Saad Saad is now on a journey to enlighten his co-doctors about the advantages of using these inventions. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12



Helping The Body Process Nutrients With Waiakea

When people are trying to eat healthier foods, it is important for them to make sure that their body is able to properly process the nutrients. Often times, the body does not manage to process the nutrients. There are plenty of factors that influence the body’s ability to process nutrients. One of the factors is water. The body is made up of mostly water. Therefore, water is needed to process the nutrients. Also, if the body’s water level is low, the metabolism of the body slows down. As a result, people are going to find themselves struggling even harder with their weight.

For people who are looking for ways to increase their water intake, there is Waiakea. As a matter of fact, Waiakea water is one of the best types of waters to drink. Other brands of water are acidic by nature. However, the Waiakea water pH makes it balanced if not alkaline. Therefore, it is safe for people to drink the water in the long term. They will be able to protect themselves from potentially life threatening diseases down the line. At the same time, they will improve their ability to process the nutrients that they consume, making it easier for them to manage their weight.

People tend to underestimate the importance of water in their lives. For one thing, they are often drinking other types of fluids like sodas. One of the major issues with soda is that it is a highly acidic type of drink. Also, people can actually dry themselves up with certain types of sodas. This is one of the reasons that people should avoid drinking soda as much as they can. The only thing that soda seems to have over water in general is taste. However, Waiakea water has the taste and the nutrients that can keep people wanting to drink more.


Sussex Health Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Sussex Health Care recently announced that they’ve allowed a new executive to join their team. Amanda Taylor was hired in March of 2018 and she is excited about her new position. Taylor joined Sussex Health Care after working as a nurse in the mental health field. Now that Taylor is employed with the company, she plans to review and update all policies for safety and administration. Their goal is to ensure that Sussex Health Care is as safe as possible for the residents of the facility.

If you have not heard of Sussex HealthCare, you should know that it is one of the largest chain of health care facilities in the United Kingdom. Sussex HealthCare has been open for multiple decades now. This facility recently celebrated their 25th anniversary of being opened earlier this year. Sussex Health Care provides health care services to elders and those who have learning and mental disorders as well.

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Sussex HealthCare is an in and out patient facility. If patients prefer or are required to live at the care home, Sussex Health Care will do their best to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. To accommodate residents, Sussex Health Care allow residents to bring small items from their home. They also allow family and residents to decorate their rooms, if they’d like. In addition, Sussex Health Care also provides their residents with personalized rehabilitation services and meal plans.

Some popular care homes of Sussex Health Care are Kingsmead Care Centre, Rapkyns Care Home, upper Mead, and Longfield Manor. Kingsmead Care Centre is perfect for elders and people with have physical disabilities. This care home is wheel chair accessible and very relaxing. Kingsmead has lounging rooms, dinning rooms, and activity rooms on site. In addition, this home also has a beautiful garden at the site. Rapyns Care Home houses long term residents that have neurological conditions. Rapkyns provides great neurological therapy to the residents. This care home is surrounded by a relaxing forest and beautiful roses! Upper Mead and Longfield Manor are also amazing homes. These homes primarily house the elder population. Both homes have lounging areas, views of the gardens, and a hair salon!

Overall, all of Sussex HealthCare’s facilities are welcoming. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that all residents remain as comfortable as possible during their stay. Sussex Health Care will continue to provide fantastic health care services to the public.