Contactless Payment Method by PSI-Pay

The British Retail Consortium indicates that over half all the purchases that are made in Britain are paid using credit cards. It, therefore, means that the recent announcement that Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay could signify that the cashless system will continue to influence the market. These two firms are supporting the cashless payments, and have come together for the sake of releasing the first ring of contactless payment in the international market. The contactless payment uses the smartcards, credit and debit cards as the form of payment for the goods and services that a person buys. PSI Pay is the firm that is offering this system while its affiliate Kerv happens to do it alongside its proprietary ring. The contactless method of payment is secured by using Near Field Communication (NFC) or the RFID technology where a customer only needs to tap their card or ring at the point of sale to make the payment.


Nonetheless, the transactions that can be processed by the contactless technology are limited for the reasons of ensuring that the customer is protected from unauthorized payments as the contactless payment does not need kind of a signature or a PIN. The largest amount that a transaction should have differs from one bank to the other as well as by the county. The ring payment capacity in the UK is capped at 30 pounds. When it comes to the field of contactless payment, PSI-Pay is the leader.

PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is regulated by the British government’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The firm is known to offer rapid, private and secure means of payments transactions for individuals and business all over the world. PSI-Pay with its professional staffs who have a lot of experience has been offering their services globally since 2007. The firm operates on efficiency, clarity and transparency policy and this has helped it to take the lead in matters concerning contactless payments. When it comes to supplying electronic money, PSI-Pay is authorized under the 2011 EU electronic money regulations. The company can provide electronic funds to all the European Union countries and over 170 countries globally.—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data

Who Is The Popular Financial Group

Why Customers Are Choosing NexBank

The NexBank Financial Group is known for their personal account services because this is how they started out in Dallas, Texas. However, they now, offer their patrons an opportunity for commercial and industrial accounts. NexBank boasts themselves as a superior financial services group providing professional and quality service since 1998. You have the option of putting your hard earned money to work for you. In fact, your money is backed by FDIC insurance and over $67.4 billion dollars in assets. NexBank, helps you save money, you don’t need to spend with many great savings opportunities.

NexBank Business News

The EVERFI® Group focuses on technology used for gaming simulation, but recently recognized the NexBank Group for a prestigious award. Their President, John Holt, says, they were honored to be nominated for the prestigious Financial Compatibility Innovation Award for creating banking technology excellence. In fact, NexBank continues to lead the financial industry with a high standard of customer service. You can speak to one of their expert technicians to find out how you qualify for an account. Enjoy great financial services that give you an opportunity to make better decisions about your money.

Other NexBank Financial News

NexBank stockholders are proud of the growth of their recent equity. They have sought out to bring more customers to the financial industry than ever before, and they’ve been able to gain over $67.4 billion dollars in revenue. Their equity continues to attract big name financial to the network. They’ve also partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes, to help thousands of people to realize their dreams of owning a home with limited resources. You can get a great interest rate in comparison to other mortgage program lenders along with reduced monthly mortgage payments.

NexBank Services

– financial planning services

– live support professional

– experienced technicians

– automated services

– no fee ATM’s

– free checks

– superior direct deposit

– IRA accounts

– college savings online tab

– and much more…

Join NexBank online to see how you qualify for an account today.

Penelope Kokkinides.  An Innovacare leader committed towards the improvement of Puerto Rico’s health sector

The health sector is one of the most areas of the economy of any given nation because it is a necessity for human existence. Innovacare health is one of the North American’s health institutions providing managed health care to the residents mostly in Brazil, Puerto Rico. The institution was started just some years ago, and today it is named as the institutions that have been able to explode into ingrowth over the few years. Its expansion is not just natural since it is through the efforts of the members of the company especially the leaders who have to do their best to ensure that its operations are of the highest standards.

One of the, most influential leaders at Innovacare Health in Puerto Rico who had recently met with the president of the United States Donald Trump to discuss the health issues in Puerto Rico and on how to make necessary improvements in the sector. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of thew Comopanand she has vast knowledge and experience in the health sector which makes her one of the prominent women who can be called upon in case there are issues in the health sector in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in managing clinical operations, improving the organization’s structures among other areas of expertise in the industry.

During the meeting with Donald Trump, she discusses the plans of the company towards the improvement of the health systems in Puerto Rico. One disadvantage about having the inefficient operation of the health sector in the home country is that the residents may be forced to acquire the services at very high costs that may be unaffordable to most of the middle and lower class groups in the economy. This may result in some adverse effects such as an increase in the mortality rate, low-income family planning practices among others.

Due to this, Innovacare seeks to improve health services and make sure that they do not have to borrow or explore a lot of health assistance from outside to minimise the costs of acquiring health services by the residents in Puerto Rico. It aims at utilising the most advanced form of technology to make sure that they give services that are cost friendly and are of maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Also, Innovacare health has also job opportunities that are available such as Chief Financial Officer, sales representative, corporate Chief Medical Officer among other job opportunities that require experienced and conversant personnel that will be dedicated and committed to contributing to the common goals of the institution.