Paul Mampilly: From Wall Street to Main Street, a National Treasure for Mainstream American Investors

After leaving his job on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly set out on a mission, one that puts mainstream American investors first. Since his graduation in 1991 from Fordham University, Paul Mampilly has worked for various corporations in the financial industry including Bankers Trust, ING, and Deutsche Bank, eventually managing Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund. While managing Kinetics hedge fund, he increased its assets to a whopping 25 billion. Although an incredible achievement in its own right, it wasn’t enough for Mampilly. Unhappy with current business practices on Main Street; Mampilly left to concetrate his endeavors on helping new investors achieve the same types of success.

Focusing his entrepreneurial spirit on building a business model that is investor-centric; Paul Mampilly now provides a publication, Profits Unlimited, through Banyan Hill Publishing. Currently, his newsletter boasts 90,000 subscribers centered on a unique business model that isn’t concerned with investing money for his readers. Instead, subscribers to his newsletter purchase stocks through their personal brokerage accounts; uniquely granting investors the opportunity of having an experienced financial advisor without subjection to Mampilly’s direct interference. According to a recent article published through Live News Paper one subscriber, after following Mampilly’s suggested stocks, boasted that “since becoming a member of Paul Mampilly’s newsletter his portfolio was thriving and this was the first time he had achieved success in the stock market.”

What’s the key to Mampilly’s success? Well according to Chronicle Week, being a natural innovator, Paul Mampilly does something most never do, spends up to 14 hours a day following trends in stocks purchased by his clients. The sheer level of hard work and dedication Mampilly puts forth in his work to please subscribers are what separates him from the competition.

When he isn’t writing for his popular Profits Unlimited newsletter, Mr. Mampilly diverts his endeavors to four more elite trading services, Extreme Fortunes, Rapid Profit Trader, and True Momentum, a research service started in 2017.

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