Penelope Kokkinides.  An Innovacare leader committed towards the improvement of Puerto Rico’s health sector

The health sector is one of the most areas of the economy of any given nation because it is a necessity for human existence. Innovacare health is one of the North American’s health institutions providing managed health care to the residents mostly in Brazil, Puerto Rico. The institution was started just some years ago, and today it is named as the institutions that have been able to explode into ingrowth over the few years. Its expansion is not just natural since it is through the efforts of the members of the company especially the leaders who have to do their best to ensure that its operations are of the highest standards.

One of the, most influential leaders at Innovacare Health in Puerto Rico who had recently met with the president of the United States Donald Trump to discuss the health issues in Puerto Rico and on how to make necessary improvements in the sector. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of thew Comopanand she has vast knowledge and experience in the health sector which makes her one of the prominent women who can be called upon in case there are issues in the health sector in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in managing clinical operations, improving the organization’s structures among other areas of expertise in the industry.

During the meeting with Donald Trump, she discusses the plans of the company towards the improvement of the health systems in Puerto Rico. One disadvantage about having the inefficient operation of the health sector in the home country is that the residents may be forced to acquire the services at very high costs that may be unaffordable to most of the middle and lower class groups in the economy. This may result in some adverse effects such as an increase in the mortality rate, low-income family planning practices among others.

Due to this, Innovacare seeks to improve health services and make sure that they do not have to borrow or explore a lot of health assistance from outside to minimise the costs of acquiring health services by the residents in Puerto Rico. It aims at utilising the most advanced form of technology to make sure that they give services that are cost friendly and are of maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Also, Innovacare health has also job opportunities that are available such as Chief Financial Officer, sales representative, corporate Chief Medical Officer among other job opportunities that require experienced and conversant personnel that will be dedicated and committed to contributing to the common goals of the institution.


Dr. Saad Saad: A Doctor with an Excellent Track Record

It is the goal of Dr. Saad Saad to become a doctor ever since he was in high school. His parents thought that he would become an engineer just like his brothers, but he revealed his passion for becoming a doctor because he wanted to save lives. To reach his dreams, he had to enroll himself at a local college after he finished high school. He would need to spend a couple of years studying to get his pre-medical degree. After he graduated from the local college, he had to transfer to Egypt to continue his studies. His parents gave their permission for him to leave, and wished him good luck in all of his endeavors.



Dr. Saad Saad became a medical student at the Cairo University, and he exhibited an impressive dedication to finish his studies. His classmates described him as someone who prefers to study rather than going outside, and because of his perseverance to become one of the best, he graduated being the second best in all of the graduating class. His parents felt proud after realizing that their son would now have a brighter future because of his excellent records back at the university. To complete his dream of becoming a doctor, he had to travel to the United Kingdom where he would be pursuing his internship. He finished the internship program and was given his license to practice the profession.



It was the dream of Dr. Saad Saad to live and work in the United States, so he took up an examination in Lebanon that would allow him to get a license to practice his profession in America. He passed the examination and was allowed to fly to the United States and live there. While in the United States, he spent a lot of time studying to get certifications, especially in pediatric surgery and general surgery. He was able to finish two certification programs, and he started to practice what he learned. He was considered as one of the best surgeons in the hospital where he worked, and his mentors are proud of his achievements.



In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad also developed a lot of reforms in performing his surgeries. He was credited with inventing a catheter that has an integrated electromagnetic locator that can locate the safest place in the patient’s body where the device should be placed. He also invented an improvement with endoscopy, allowing for a better view of the patient’s internal system using the small camera. These inventions have helped him perform better surgeries, but only a few doctors know about these devices. Dr. Saad Saad is now on a journey to enlighten his co-doctors about the advantages of using these inventions. Learn more:



Helping The Body Process Nutrients With Waiakea

When people are trying to eat healthier foods, it is important for them to make sure that their body is able to properly process the nutrients. Often times, the body does not manage to process the nutrients. There are plenty of factors that influence the body’s ability to process nutrients. One of the factors is water. The body is made up of mostly water. Therefore, water is needed to process the nutrients. Also, if the body’s water level is low, the metabolism of the body slows down. As a result, people are going to find themselves struggling even harder with their weight.

For people who are looking for ways to increase their water intake, there is Waiakea. As a matter of fact, Waiakea water is one of the best types of waters to drink. Other brands of water are acidic by nature. However, the Waiakea water pH makes it balanced if not alkaline. Therefore, it is safe for people to drink the water in the long term. They will be able to protect themselves from potentially life threatening diseases down the line. At the same time, they will improve their ability to process the nutrients that they consume, making it easier for them to manage their weight.

People tend to underestimate the importance of water in their lives. For one thing, they are often drinking other types of fluids like sodas. One of the major issues with soda is that it is a highly acidic type of drink. Also, people can actually dry themselves up with certain types of sodas. This is one of the reasons that people should avoid drinking soda as much as they can. The only thing that soda seems to have over water in general is taste. However, Waiakea water has the taste and the nutrients that can keep people wanting to drink more.

Sussex Health Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Sussex Health Care recently announced that they’ve allowed a new executive to join their team. Amanda Taylor was hired in March of 2018 and she is excited about her new position. Taylor joined Sussex Health Care after working as a nurse in the mental health field. Now that Taylor is employed with the company, she plans to review and update all policies for safety and administration. Their goal is to ensure that Sussex Health Care is as safe as possible for the residents of the facility.

If you have not heard of Sussex HealthCare, you should know that it is one of the largest chain of health care facilities in the United Kingdom. Sussex HealthCare has been open for multiple decades now. This facility recently celebrated their 25th anniversary of being opened earlier this year. Sussex Health Care provides health care services to elders and those who have learning and mental disorders as well.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare’s New Facility Is As Amazing As Its Quality Of Care

Sussex HealthCare is an in and out patient facility. If patients prefer or are required to live at the care home, Sussex Health Care will do their best to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. To accommodate residents, Sussex Health Care allow residents to bring small items from their home. They also allow family and residents to decorate their rooms, if they’d like. In addition, Sussex Health Care also provides their residents with personalized rehabilitation services and meal plans.

Some popular care homes of Sussex Health Care are Kingsmead Care Centre, Rapkyns Care Home, upper Mead, and Longfield Manor. Kingsmead Care Centre is perfect for elders and people with have physical disabilities. This care home is wheel chair accessible and very relaxing. Kingsmead has lounging rooms, dinning rooms, and activity rooms on site. In addition, this home also has a beautiful garden at the site. Rapyns Care Home houses long term residents that have neurological conditions. Rapkyns provides great neurological therapy to the residents. This care home is surrounded by a relaxing forest and beautiful roses! Upper Mead and Longfield Manor are also amazing homes. These homes primarily house the elder population. Both homes have lounging areas, views of the gardens, and a hair salon!

Overall, all of Sussex HealthCare’s facilities are welcoming. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that all residents remain as comfortable as possible during their stay. Sussex Health Care will continue to provide fantastic health care services to the public.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Lead the Crusade for Minority Rights

Ever since Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started working on their own, they knew the ideas they had were the best ones they could use and that was something that helped them see how things were getting better.

Every time they worked on different journalism pieces or different things that would help the minorities see positive things, they felt they were doing everything right.

They also knew their ideas were among the best and that’s how they planned on helping other people out with the issues they faced. Even when things were difficult for both of the men, they never stopped working to do more.

By the time they started doing things the right way, they felt it was an important opportunity to keep giving back. They also felt things would continue getting better if they started a great foundation to help other people. The ideas they had were some of the best in the world and that’s how they worked on the opportunities they needed.

It helped that they always wanted to keep giving people positive experiences and they knew the positive options they had were among the best in the world. Even though they struggled with some issues, they felt it was important to keep giving the minorities the best chances possible.

Thanks to Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, minorities now have more chances than ever. They have the ability to choose different things and that gives them all the options they need. Without their help, minorities wouldn’t get the most positive experiences. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

They would struggle and they might not even have jobs. They would constantly have to go up against powers like Joe Arpaio and that made everything hard for them. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey wanted to change this and that’s what motivated them to keep doing everything the right way.

As long as they knew what they were doing, they weren’t afraid to keep giving back in different situations. They also knew everything would get better as long as they had the motivation to show others how everything worked.

When they started the Frontera Fund, it was their way of motivating other people the same way they had motivation on their own. They always knew they could try things that would help them see the positive aspects and the positive experiences they could take away from the world around them.

Since they tried so hard to help other people and they knew they had to do things the right way, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey always prepared for the positive opportunities that would come from everything they offered. They also showed people what they could do and how they could make things better for everyone.

It was their goal of helping and their goal to keep doing things right so they didn’t need to worry about what was going on. It was also something they felt motivated to do so they could keep giving other people the chances they deserved to see positive opportunities in their paths.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Talk Fusion The Benefits that Fusion on the Go app Offers

For people who are looking for video marketing products that are engaging as well as impressive, Talk Fusion is a company that you can rely on. It is a company that has been leading in the field of video marketing since over a decade and has a wide array of products and services that hundreds and thousands of companies use to reach out to its customers, increase their revenue, improve their market position, and ignites their marketing campaigns. The traditional methods of marketing have not been highly effective in the last few years, especially since the advent of the internet. The online marketing methods have been used highly effectively by the companies, but even those measures are getting saturated, and thus, the use of new and unique marketing methods is always tried by the companies to get an edge over the competition.


It is where the video marketing comes in, and Talk Fusion has been leading the way in this regards. Talk Fusion is a company that has not only helped the businesses improve their outreach and revenue, but also provided them with the means to engage more customers. Talk Fusion has been operational since 2007 and has achieved a leading position in the field of video marketing due to its focus on research and development. The company uses the latest technology to develop video marketing products that would help the companies with their marketing efforts and ensure that they continue to engage more customers. Finding new customers is always one of the priorities of the companies, and it is what Talk Fusion helps with achieving. Bob Reina says that the products of Talk Fusion are highly useful for designing elaborate marketing campaigns and leave a positive and lasting impression on the end users.


The company recently launched their newest product Fusion on the Go. Since most users today prefer using their smartphones for business and find it convenient than the desktop, Talk Fusion also wanted to offer something that is useful for its users. Fusion on the Go allows people to connect with their customers while they are outside of their office setting. Learn more:


ACLU, Advocates, Frontera Fund, and Lawyer’s Committe Remain At the Forefront of Civil Rights

Since 1954 people have fought for equal rights. The Civil Rights Movement brought much fruit, but the battle for equality rages on. Across the U.S. numerous organization still advocate for human, civil, and migrant rights. Their combined goal is to support minorities, and bring an end to discrimination. Some organizations carry the fight beyond the U.S., as civil rights remain a global cause.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

An organization that focuses solely on migrant rights, the Immigrants’ Rights Project stands up for immigrants. The organization provides litigation, outreach, and advocacy programs for immigrant communities. Its primary focus being that such groups receive human rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The main objective of Immigrants’ Rights is to ensure equal justice by law, challenging the legality of any laws that prevent immigrants from getting a fair shake.

The Advocates for Human Rights

Advocates fights for human rights. It employs volunteers and partners is a global, regional, and local effort to improve human rights’ standards.

The group assists women, children, and immigrants obtain human rights through reinforcement of laws that provide them. Advocates has been fighting the good fight for over three decades, and has operations that span the globe.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is an organization that supports organizations. It collaborates with many groups, amoung them the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project.

The fund allocates money from a 2013 wrongful arrest case in an effort to protect migrant rights. Formed by Phoenix New Times’ founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the fund provides assistance to Latin communities across Arizona. It was created out of a desire to counteract the questionable tactics of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and remains an advocate of migrant rights. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

The settlement that provides Frontera’s ability to allocate money is a story in of itself. Under their combined stewardship the Phoenix New Times relentless covered Sheriff Joe Apraio. It uncovered numerous scandals involving the Sheriff. In response he began investigating the paper, issuing sketchy court-ordered subpoenas.

Lacey and Larkin printed one under their byline, and they were arrested for it the next day. After a 24 day incarceration they were free, and they immediately sued for wrongful arrest. The lawsuit garnered the duo $3.75 million dollars, and they have been using it to fund Frontera ever since.

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law

Formed in 1963 this non-partisan group fights for equal opportunity for minority groups. Its main goal is to stop discrimination across the board. If offers legal representation to groups that cannot afford it on their own.

Allowing victims of economic disparity and racial discrimination to fight back. The group was created at the request of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy was an ardent supporter for Civil Rights and the Lawyer’s Committee was another way of looking out.


Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and deals with manipulating, studying and packaging of drugs. The company has a market value of approximately $10 billion and employees of roughly 900. The company is ranked as the largest in Washington in the biotechnology field. The company has substantial investments in the marketing and research with the aim of employing 200 more staff as a path towards becoming a pharmaceutical company.

The company previously launched adcetrics, a drug that treats Hodgkin lymphoma, a lymph system cancer that quickly spreads to other body systems once in the body of a human being. The drug has been undergoing several tests, and with positive feedback, the sale of the drug will take off. Clay Siegall, the Chief Executive Officer, President, chairman of the executive and co-founder of the company explains the many drugs in their pipeline as confirmation of their desire to become a pharmaceutical industry. In raising capital for the company to research on the adcetrics, they sold their international rights and partnered with Takeda Oncology. With their partnership with the Takeda Oncology, Seattle Genetics learned several techniques used in global markets, and recently they opened an international marketing office in Switzerland that will enhance their global markets.

The company is on a steep escalation in the global markets. In the year 2016, the company made sales of close to 28 million dollars, a 46% rise from the year 2014. The company’s stock price has tripled in the past five years from one share rising from $20 to $66. Several analysts bet on the prospect takeover based on the firm’s increasing valuation

Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Institute in the year 1988-1991, National Health Institute from 1988-1991 and the National Cancer Institute. He is a board member of the Alder Biopharmaceuticals, a company that is privately owned and specializes in biotechnology and a private biotechnology company, Mirna Therapeutic. He is also an author of over 70 publications, and he also owns 15 patents.

Clay Siegall received his bachelor’s degree in zoology from the Maryland University, and he also owns a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of George Washington.

In 2014, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals appointed Clay Siegall as one of the executive committees. Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Incorporation is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the advancement of novel products for ultra-rare and rare disease.

Doe Deere Spreads the Love

Doe Deere is the Queen of Unicorns, but she could also be known as the queen of colors. She is no stranger to bright and bold colors-it is her trademark, and she is proud of it. Shy would not be a word to describe Deere. She is expressive and full of personality. She has an entrepreneurial mind, and she is always coming up with new and exciting ways to wear makeup.

Deere was not always set on the goal of becoming the founder of a successful makeup line, but she definitely embraced her role as Lime Crime’s boss lady. Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States. She studied fashion design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. She majored in illustration and in fashion design, but she decided to go it on her own and branched off to pursue a different path. She designed her own clothes and sold them on eBay. She even modeled her creations and wanted to wear makeup that went with her clothes, but found it to be somewhat challenging. Deere’s creative side took over, and she created her very own makeup line. The colors were bold and beautiful and others took notice. She realized that there was a demand for her bright makeup options and Lime Crime was born.

Deere utilized social media to really grow her brand and she branched out quickly. She has grown to have 3 million followers on Instagram alone. Deere is very humble despite her success, and she is always open to what her fans and critics have to say. She stays in-tune and in-touch with what people are saying about her and her brand.

Doe Deere is a strong female role model and has spoken at PHAMExpo and at Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She recently has to choose a laboratory that was right for her company, and it was a tough decision, but like always, she put her mind to it and made her decision. She can now expand her company even further and will have the room to manufacture more exciting products like her new Venus XL Palette.

Deere strongly believes in the power of being yourself and in following your dreams. She created her makeup options with the intention that people who use her makeup products would be able to express themselves. Her brand is one that really stands out form all the rest, and that is what makes it so unique.

Deere’s all about spreading the love, and she is a big supporter of many organizations and charities such as the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY, and the Red Cross, just to name a few.

Deere has many more ideas in store when it comes to her products, and she continues to push herself to get out of her comfort zone. Deere likes to get as creative and crazy as she can to come up with the boldest and brightest colors imaginable for her makeup and beauty products to share with the world.


To learn more, visit


Thanks to Our Customers, Securus Continues to Evolve

Securus Technologies is extremely grateful to everyone in our customer service department. They are skillful in ensuring all customers leave Securus satisfied whether it’s a purchase or a question. So, when Securus representatives attended the Stevie Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 23, the reps returned with three wins. The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service is the premier award for customer service excellence. Securus is proud to win Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year for our Corporate Escalations department. The Video Visitation team won Bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team. Last, the Silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year goes to Securus’ own customer service manager, Zelperita Jackson.


In detail, feedback, suggestions, and concerns go to the appropriate department. The Corporate Escalations team tackles dissatisfied customers and takes the information to other departments in the company to prevent such complaints from resurfacing. The remaining feedback goes to management for evaluation. One concern heard from our customers was about drones in prisons. Drones carry contraband weapons, cell phones, drugs, and illegal items over the fence or on the roof to inmates on the inside. Once we learned this from correctional officers, Securus spent 18 months developing drone detection software to combat this growing and disturbing trend.


Drone detecting software detects moving drones flying near the facility or over the fence using a digital antennae structure infrastructure. Securus used the same antennae on Wireless Containment Solutions, so we know it’s effective. The software alerts correctional staff about incoming drones so the staff can block it, confiscate it, and confiscate the contrabands. The technology protects inmates and correctional staff from drone injury or contraband injury as well.


In closing, Securus uses customer complaints, criticisms, and positive feedback to keep inmates and society safe. It’s because of our customers that Securus continues to evolve.