Cameron Clokie: Career In Toronto And Educational Background

Cameron Clokie is a successful doctor. In short, he is a great surgeon, a scientist and an entrepreneur. If you’re interested in learning more about what he has done in his career, what he’s continuing to do and other interesting information, then continue to read this article.

Cameron Clokie’s Career And Educational Background

Cameron Clokie is an entrepreneur who is the CEO of the company Induce Biologics, which is a company that focuses on finding innovative solutions for musculoskeletal reconstruction. He is also a teacher. At the University of Toronto, he is a professor, as well as the head of the university’s oral and maxillofacial surgery department.

His expertise has led him to contributing to a number of publications and he has traveled internationally to lecture on various topics. The topics he lectured on related to university related tech transfer, as well as oral regeneration. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He is highly educated. In 1985, he earned his DDS, short for Doctor of Dental Surgery. He also received a Ph.D in bone regeneration from McGill University.

Example Of His Work

One example of Clokie’s work includes performing a method of bone regeneration on patient that lost tissue in the bottom right side of his jaw. The procedure was a success and resulted in the patient growing bone along that side of his jaw. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie – Hospital Information and Nearby Florists

In the above example, Cloke used a certain protein that seduces stem cells into transforming into bone tissue. The process has allowed a technique to be created that can rest the clock of the jaw’s skeletal. In short, Clokie helped the patient grow new jawbone.


One of his major accomplishments was previously discussed, with him helping a patient regrow jawbone., Another accomplishment is that he is currently the holder of numerous US patents or pending patents. Some of those patents relate to bone healing. Not only that, but he has provided his knowledge to various enterprises.