Herbalife Nutrition: Utilizing a Seed to Feed Strategy

Herbalife 24 sponsors athletes such as soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo grew up playing soccer on the streets, then eventually began to train with his father at a local indoor soccer club. As he played with different teams, Cristiano Ronaldo learned how much he enjoyed being part of a team environment and his desire to become a professional soccer player started to take form.


Now a professional soccer player, Ronaldo accepts that as a younger player who was just in it for the love of the game he didn’t have to pay as much attention to nutrition; however, now his body is a tool in his success and he realizes he has to treat it as such. Herbalife 24 supplies the elite level nutrition that Cristiano Ronaldo needs to elevate his game and keep his body in optimal condition. The confidence that Ronaldo has in the nutrition that Herbalife 24 provides him allows him to push his limits and boundaries successfully.

Herbalife Nutrition was initially founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. Herbalife currently employs 8,000 individuals globally with operations in 95 countries. It is considered a multi-level marketing company and is one of the longest lasting businesses of its kind. Herbalife Ltd officially changed its name to Herbalife Nutrition on April 25, 2018.


The Herbalife line of products contains weight management tools, nutrition supplements, sports-based nutritional supplements, and personal care products. These products are offered in the form of protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins, and sports hydration beverages. There are soy-based products for those who are dairy-free or vegan, as well as allergen-free, kosher or halal. The company operates five manufacturing facilities and has transitioned to a seed to feed strategy where they are able to track the origin of each of the products inside their formulas. Additionally, Herbalife now has a botanical extraction facility which produces a variety of botanical extracts including teas, guarana, chamomile, bilberry, and broccoli, which are used in many of the company’s assorted offerings.



Penelope Kokkinides.  An Innovacare leader committed towards the improvement of Puerto Rico’s health sector

The health sector is one of the most areas of the economy of any given nation because it is a necessity for human existence. Innovacare health is one of the North American’s health institutions providing managed health care to the residents mostly in Brazil, Puerto Rico. The institution was started just some years ago, and today it is named as the institutions that have been able to explode into ingrowth over the few years. Its expansion is not just natural since it is through the efforts of the members of the company especially the leaders who have to do their best to ensure that its operations are of the highest standards.

One of the, most influential leaders at Innovacare Health in Puerto Rico who had recently met with the president of the United States Donald Trump to discuss the health issues in Puerto Rico and on how to make necessary improvements in the sector. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of thew Comopanand she has vast knowledge and experience in the health sector which makes her one of the prominent women who can be called upon in case there are issues in the health sector in Puerto Rico. She is an expert in managing clinical operations, improving the organization’s structures among other areas of expertise in the industry.

During the meeting with Donald Trump, she discusses the plans of the company towards the improvement of the health systems in Puerto Rico. One disadvantage about having the inefficient operation of the health sector in the home country is that the residents may be forced to acquire the services at very high costs that may be unaffordable to most of the middle and lower class groups in the economy. This may result in some adverse effects such as an increase in the mortality rate, low-income family planning practices among others.

Due to this, Innovacare seeks to improve health services and make sure that they do not have to borrow or explore a lot of health assistance from outside to minimise the costs of acquiring health services by the residents in Puerto Rico. It aims at utilising the most advanced form of technology to make sure that they give services that are cost friendly and are of maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Also, Innovacare health has also job opportunities that are available such as Chief Financial Officer, sales representative, corporate Chief Medical Officer among other job opportunities that require experienced and conversant personnel that will be dedicated and committed to contributing to the common goals of the institution.