Sussex Health Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Sussex Health Care recently announced that they’ve allowed a new executive to join their team. Amanda Taylor was hired in March of 2018 and she is excited about her new position. Taylor joined Sussex Health Care after working as a nurse in the mental health field. Now that Taylor is employed with the company, she plans to review and update all policies for safety and administration. Their goal is to ensure that Sussex Health Care is as safe as possible for the residents of the facility.

If you have not heard of Sussex HealthCare, you should know that it is one of the largest chain of health care facilities in the United Kingdom. Sussex HealthCare has been open for multiple decades now. This facility recently celebrated their 25th anniversary of being opened earlier this year. Sussex Health Care provides health care services to elders and those who have learning and mental disorders as well.

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Sussex HealthCare is an in and out patient facility. If patients prefer or are required to live at the care home, Sussex Health Care will do their best to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. To accommodate residents, Sussex Health Care allow residents to bring small items from their home. They also allow family and residents to decorate their rooms, if they’d like. In addition, Sussex Health Care also provides their residents with personalized rehabilitation services and meal plans.

Some popular care homes of Sussex Health Care are Kingsmead Care Centre, Rapkyns Care Home, upper Mead, and Longfield Manor. Kingsmead Care Centre is perfect for elders and people with have physical disabilities. This care home is wheel chair accessible and very relaxing. Kingsmead has lounging rooms, dinning rooms, and activity rooms on site. In addition, this home also has a beautiful garden at the site. Rapyns Care Home houses long term residents that have neurological conditions. Rapkyns provides great neurological therapy to the residents. This care home is surrounded by a relaxing forest and beautiful roses! Upper Mead and Longfield Manor are also amazing homes. These homes primarily house the elder population. Both homes have lounging areas, views of the gardens, and a hair salon!

Overall, all of Sussex HealthCare’s facilities are welcoming. The company goes above and beyond to ensure that all residents remain as comfortable as possible during their stay. Sussex Health Care will continue to provide fantastic health care services to the public.