Betsy DeVos Shows Young Girls the Way

To say that the world is lacking in proper role models would be like saying fish cannot survive out of water. It is such an obvious statement that one looks dumb for making it. This unsettling truth is quite unfortunate for the current generation since role models have always been the key to unlocking the potential of a child. Unfortunately, in our country, we have role models who are unpatriotic, promote sexual intercourse with multiple partners, advocate for vengeance and backstabbing, along with a host of other sins. Our young girls lack people who can guide them. I would like to advocate however for one role model who can help them see how life should be lived. This role model is Betsy DeVos, and there are many things our young girls can learn from this great woman.


Betsy DeVos is a living example of what life is like when you start off with a strong foundation. Betsy was born in 1958 on January 8 in Holland Michigan. She attended the prestigious private schools of Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. It was at these two institutions that she developed her strong passion for private education. Using her business economics degree that she received from Calvin College, she would become a strong advocate for religious schools. This leads us to our second point.


Betsy DeVos is a living example of why somebody should fight for what they believe in. Since her early years at school, Betsy has been an advocate for school choice, charter schools, and school vouchers. She promoted her passion by working with two different Super Pacs. The first was Alliance for School Choice where she served as a member of the board. The second was All Children Matter, for which she served as the head.


Betsy DeVos is also a living example of why we should advocate for our values. To promote her beliefs, Betsy got active with the Republican Party. During her time in politics, she served two roles in the Michigan State Republican Party, National Committeewoman and Chairwoman. She would also be tapped by President Bush to serve as the Finance Chairperson for the Senatorial Committee. Betsy’s crowning achievement was her election to the Secretary of Education by Donald Trump in 2016.


Betsy DeVos would go on to start a foundation that truly strengthens our country known as the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation gives money to support the virtues of civilization, namely, justice, community, arts, education, and leadership.


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave over $11 million in 2015 alone and over $139 million during their existence. They are proud supporters of hospitals and great conservative think tanks.


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The Effort of D.r Scott Rocklage in Medical Reseach

D.r Scott Rocklage is a learned professional who has acquired several education levels and worked for several firms. He has worked for the Cubist Pharmaceuticals where he held the positions of being the president and the CEO at the same time. His efforts have made remarkable impacts on many individuals as he has successfully made many drug candidates in the trial to participate the clinical trials which have helped them shape their lives back to normal.

Not only the above-mentioned firm, but he had also worked for Nycomed Salutar, heading the firm as the chair and the CEO, sometime before he was also the board chair of the Relypsa firm. His jobs are multiple because right now, Dr. Scott Rocklage heads the board of Cidara, Rennovia as the Chairman. Several other firms where he is also a member of the board includes Pulmatrix and Epirus. To head all these firm is not easy and must have come from the knowledge he has acquired through learning in various institutions. He has a B.S in chemistry from California, a Ph.D. from MIT. During his studies in the MIT, he was able to conduct research that led him to win the Nobel for chemistry in the year 2005.

Scott Rocklage owns a personal business, the venture capital which is purely a science-based firm. He states that he loves studying to find out new ideas and areas which have not been explored and also working with management of the portfolio companies to ensure that the active their goals through sharing and implementing the ideas. He usually involves working with physicians, executives of various medical businesses and scientist to work on the great ideas that will enable them to invent medications to curb the new infections arising every day and those infections whose medication have not been found yet. Learn more:

He was involved in the research that helped the medical professionals dealing with cancer to be able to target the specific genotypes or the mutations in cancer DNA pattern that helped the establishment of various cancer treatment methods. Scott Rocklage expresses more concerns and educating people that when you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to focus on your people and the team you work with