Alex Pall And Andrew Taggart Speak On Relevance, Identity And Growth

Alex Pall says people relate the music of the Chainsmokers on a very deep level, and that’s something they want to continue to get from their fans. That desire causes them as a group to stay in self-discovery mode and constantly checking themselves. Even after the day is done, on the way home they can find themselves discussing their art or a creative concept and how they really feel about it and what they expect it to be. There is always an open discussion regarding how they feel about a project. They continuously try new things to keep their own interest, engagement, and relevance in the industry.

Building An Identity

For the group to be in the electronic genre it can be both easy and hard to build a strong identity. Andrew says all genres have artists in them that create things for the market that is similar to the stuff people already like. There are so many people fighting against each other to be the one person that gets noticed. He says they’ve been in that race before, being an unknown artist painting on a familiar canvas. He says you have to do this mimicking until you find your own individual style. It took them to decide to just be themselves, and not try to fit a mold. They aren’t a one lane group, they listen to a variety of music so they started creating music that blurred the lines across various genres.

Staying Ahead Of The Release

Andrew notes the interesting thing about the way music is released, the fans only know them for what they have heard in the past or are currently listening to. As an artist you can only release so much at a time. The group is really years ahead of what is being listened to at the time. So they’ve already evolved into the next thing and still continuing to improve themselves. Their goal is to write songs about them and their lives. The song “CloserAndrew is singing on personally. He’s sharing his experience about hooking up with his ex-girlfriend and instantly understanding why he broke it off with her before.

Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Way

Have you ever had a golden idea that you put into action just a little bit too late? Well, Bob Reina and the team at Talk Fusion can safely and happily say that they turned a great idea into a high quality business thanks to forward thinking at the right time. Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, established the company back in 2007 after rolling through several concepts. Eventually Reina would come to focus on the fact that the video marketing field was growing massively and the internet was the perfect place to get involved. Now, Talk Fusion is coming off of one of their most successful years yet in 2016 and the future seems brighter than ever. Burgeoning entrepreneurs would do well to learn from Reina’s own past. Learn more:


So, at one point in time Bob Reina was working as a police officer. Reina had actually been with the police department for a decade when a chance meeting with a network marketing professional got him to think about his future. Reina had always wanted to start a business and take control of his financial future but he needed that golden idea. A few years later Reina would be touring a home, in 2004, that he was considering purchasing. He wanted to share a video with some family but none of the email clients at the time allowed him to easily send it through the message. This gave Reina the idea for what would soon become the Talk Fusion Video Email application. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s success has been all about Reina’s forward thinking and the market opening up at just the right time. More than anything, however, Reina’s passion for his own product has been a key to what he has been able to do. Being excited and passionate about your product, according to Bob Reina, will get potential customers interested and ready to purchase and get involved. Talk Fusion’s future seems bright and he’s focused on making sure that the company stays a step ahead of the competition at all times. With Talk Fusion’s success thus far, you’d be crazy to bet against him. Learn more: