Krishen Iyer Shares A Beneficial Business Plan

Krishen Iyer has been a successful executive for many years. He continues to develop and create business plans that are not only functional for the business, but for society as well. Recently, he has created a platform that uses multiple levels for the company, Managed Benefits Services. According to Prne, he states, “We put a lot of time and effort into the developmental process, and we really believe that the platform will be absolutely transformative in the results it delivers to our clients.” Therefore, with that said he is extremely enthusiastic about the plan and looks forward to seeing its progress over the upcoming future. Krishen Iyer has increasingly become known for his successes; however, this new platform for Managed Benefits Services is going to take him and the business to a new level. To top that off it will help many clients and a positive future for the insurance industry.


Managed Benefits Services was found by Krishen Iyer and focuses on the insurance for individuals with health and dental. He has taken this company to new heights and will continue to grow fast in the future because of his background and experience. He has experience in the field because of his driven passion to understand the technical aspects of the health and dental insurance. He has a heart of gold and only wants to help those that are in need. With this type of passion, the company, Managed Benefits, will continue to rise. To show his dedication he mentions he loves to read and study everything that has to do with financial and business matters. With the new platform in the process, the company will allow stronger leads and management services that are not only for short-term clients but long-term as well. Krishen Iyer will keep pushing forward and stronger every day until he hits his goals, they will start a new set of goals and accomplish them in no time because of his dedication.

The Best of Shafik Sachedina

     Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a British national, was born in Tanzania in 1950. He graduated from the University of London and fit as a dental surgeon from Guy’s Medical and Dental School in the age of 25. Since then, he has worked for a couple of health institutions serving at the top positions. Shafik has also shown some keen interest in health-care businesses. For instance, his work with the Aga Khan and Jamati Organizations embrace a willful capacity, with regards to the group’s long-standing custom of intentional administration.

To be specific, Shafik has worked for more than five health institutions across Europe, a well-recognized one being Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a health institution that delivers housing and day-care services for the old. Moreover, its objective is to be the primary supplier of housing and nursing care in the Sussex region. Fundamental to this goal, is an assurance to give the highest nature of attention given the requirements of the individual and conveyed by a five-star proficient group.

In Sussex Health Care Institution, Shafik has worked as their director since 26 April 1998. They trust that the excellent services they offer to their customers are due to devotion set for their employees, which enable them to perform to their best. Besides, they are accustomed to giving excellent treatment to anyone in need of their services. It is worth noting that Shafik has been in the forefront spearheading the movements of Sussex Health Care ensuring that they deliver the best they can to the people in need.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also the director of institutes of Ismaili Studies. He is accountable for running the agendas of Ismaili Institution in significant areas where they are located. Shafik also supervises the development of Agha Khan Network in the Middle East. Besides, he is a member and director of Islamic Publications Limited. This shows that Shafik has also worked forefront in Humanitarian Organizations.

Despite being a person from the Institute’s Board of Governors, Dr. Sachedina holds a couple of various positions in the work involved. For instance, in Ismaili Imamat and Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Agency as Aiglemont. Besides, he is the head of FOCUS Humanitarian Support International Directing Committee and a Participant of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Board. Furthermore, Dr. Sachedina has worked as a volunteer in several institutions including two successive terms as Head of the Ismaili Assembly for the United Kingdom.

Keeping Our Jail Safer with the Securus Technologies Communication System

I work on the front lines in our jail, and we have the biggest population of gang members in Texas. These gangs must be separated or they will literally kill one another and every officer if they had their way. This is a very dangerous job that requires we be on our toes every second or we could put ourselves and fellow officer’s lives at risk.


In order to control the gang violence in our jail, my job has three very important elements. First, each day I am at the visitor center checking that every person coming into the jail does not have any contraband. Things like drugs, cellphones, or weapons, all give the inmates an advantage over us officers and are not tolerated.


Secondly, I am in charge of surprise cell inspections each day. Some days we hit the same cells day after day, other times we mix up the searches. Even with these surprise inspections, the inmates always seem to know when we are coming, so now we wait until they are all in the cafeteria before tearing apart their cells. We do find some contraband, but the huge scores are usually far and between.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communication system, we finally had the edge we needed. The LBS software allows us to now pick up on conversations that seemed innocent in the past, but now are recognized as a call out to soldiers to carry out certain instructions. One call allowed us to catch a huge amount of contraband coming in with a supply truck, something that took countless weapons and drugs out of those gang members hands behind bars.