A Taste Of Traveling Vineyard Wine Success

Rick Libby, who works as the president for Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a company using tasting parties and network marketing to sell the award-winning wine. Libby held positions of leadership in various successful businesses for more than 30 years. He used to work at Cendant Corporation, MoveCentral, Marriott, and Student Advantage. In 2010, Libby acquired Traveling Vineyard. Currently, the company has over 5,000 independent marketers called wine guides.

Traveling Vineyard is based in Ipswich. The company uses social media for marketing their wines. Wine guides usually connect with the event’s hosts in arranging in-home wine tasting that’s free. The guides help hosts in preparing for the event followed by present guests with particular wines they could taste with ordering opportunity. Wine guides generate fees for marketing from direct sales to customers and the recruits on their team. The benefit the recruit gets include great memories and making friends while growing their income and they get rewarded for what they have achieved.

In his interview with interview.net, Rick Libby said that he developed the Traveling Vineyard concept while still working for Geerlings & Wade 16 years ago. The firm wanted Libby to boost its revenue by creating a strategy. His friend gave him the idea of in-home demonstration for marketing; he used that idea which resulted in the company making greater sales.

Libby said that his company is always continuing in developing and implementing new ideas. He said that the strategies that he uses in maintaining the prosperity of his firm include always striving to make sure Traveling Vineyard is continuing to work as a pioneer in the industry of wine, and they don’t ignore new ideas.

Libby schedules his day by devoting half of his day to tasks that are immediate. Libby also sets aside time for communicating with his guides and staff members daily. Libby said that the goals and values that made Traveling Vineyard successful include:
• Caring for the wine guides, customers, and employees
• He recognizes the importance of respecting and appreciating people and doesn’t take them for granted.
• Travel Vineyard adopts policies that are flexible while promoting fun and friendship.

Why The Traveling Vineyard Is Growing

What Is The Traveling Vineyard?
The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales wine company. They rely on ordinary people to sell their product and to spread awareness of their brand. Their approach has allowed countless people to change their path in life and start exciting new careers. Even better the process to do so is much easier than what you might expect. All it takes is the decision to take things in a new direction and you’ll be able to be in business for yourself. Visit This Link for more info.

How Do You Get Started?
When you decide you want to work for the Traveling Vineyard you will need some training first. Fortunately, the wine guides who are already working will have no problem teaching you everything you need in order to succeed in this business. After following their advice you should have no problem staking a claim of your own and making the most out of this business. The lessons they give aren’t taken in a classroom setting. Instead, you learn how to apply them by going to actual selling events where you see them apply the principles in their line of work.

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Start Your Own Business Today
At most you will only have to spend a few hundred to receive your starter kit and to pay your first maintenance fee. From there you’ll have an easy time selling wine, a product that most people enjoy on a regular basis, to customers you meet as you go through your life.  Can you imagine making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month? If so join the Traveling Vineyard today.

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