USHEALTH Advisors’ Achievements In The Insurance Industry

USHEALTH Advisors is a fully-owned national sales and distribution division of USHEALTH Group, Inc. It offers individual health insurance plans and supplementary products that allow clients to tailor their health coverage according to their specific needs. These insurance products are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, a fully-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Advisors renders its services to individuals, families, business owners, and self-employed individuals.

USHEALTH Advisors, which is a privately-held company, was established in 2010. The company has employed between 201-500 workers. The entity’s specialties include health coverage, critical illness coverage, innovative fixed indemnity health plans, accident coverage, guarantee issue plans, health insurance agent, and health insurance agent recruiting.

The company is one of the most incredible places for employees to work for. The company offers its employees an impressive salary package. For instance, account managers earn an average of $52,078 annually. Insurance agents, insurance agent contractor, insurance sales agents, and license agents earn an average salary of $68,216, $85,037, $43,667, 480,000 respectively per year.

USHEALTH Advisors supports its employees. The talented employees offer a wide range of services. The super responsive teams provide agents with the products that clients need. The leadership of the company cares about the success of the insurance agents. The company trains its agents, thus equipping them with the know-how and tools that allow them to best serve their clients. USHEALTH Advisors understands that its achievement depends on the success of its agents. It is for this reason that the company makes sure that its agents have everything that they need to be at the peak of their game.

Moreover, reliability and affordability are the hallmarks of the company’s product portfolio. Whether a client needs coverage for day-to-day medical expenses or peace of mind for medical events that are more serious, USHEALTH is ready to provide a viable solution. The company has more than 50 collective years of industry experience. USHEALTH Advisors and other firms under the USHEALTH Group Family have served more than 15 million customers. The company has managed to maintain its leadership position because of offering unparalleled products and services that satisfy the utility of the consumers.



Larkin And Lacey Are Tops

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been noted as being fantastic for people that are experiencing problems with their civil, human and migrant rights. These two men are journalists. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They have spent the majority of their careers defending the First Amendment Rights for themselves and others. They are extremely good at what they do, and other people can benefit from their experiences.

They had written articles about the Sheriff in their area. In the middle of the night, they were taken away and jailed. They sought a lawsuit against what happened to them, and they won. Their lawsuit resulted in the amount of 3.75 million dollars.

They created their Fontera Fund with this huge amount of money. It is used to help others with their civil, human and migrant rights. They are always glad to see that others can benefit from their experiences and the knowledge that they have.

Since they have done quite a bit to help others, they are becoming well known. They have a lot of background between the two of them, and they are justified in what they do. It has always been important for them to stand up for their own rights and the rights of other people.

When someone is in need of assistance to defend their civil, human and migrant rights, they need to make sure that they have the information down completely. They should write it in a notebook that they can find easily. All of the notes that they write should be detailed. They will want to be able to talk about what happened at great length. In their notes, they should include, dates, names and other information that will be necessary to prove what happened to them. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

All of this information in the notebook should be kept someone safe where they live, and they should have it with them when they need to talk about their experience with a knowledgeable person.

When they talk with a knowledgeable person, they need to be open and honest about their experience. They should not be afraid to talk so they will want to have a good rapport with the person that they go to.

Protection of the people and their rights is very important in the United States. Anyone who experiences the opposite of the protection of their rights should report it as soon as they can in order to stop these types of injustices from happening.

When people speak up, they can make a huge difference in the country, as did Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin when they spoke up about what happened to them.

Osteo Relief Institute, the arthritis experts with a touch of friendliness

Arthritis is a term used to refer to any joint pain or disease. It may come in over 100 different forms. Over 50 million American adults suffer from some form of Arthritis. It is the main cause of disability in America. More women are prone to the disease than men. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of Arthritis. This form of arthritis is characterized by the soft tissues found in joints, cartilage, degenerating. This causes the bones to rub against each other resulting in pain, stiffness, and inflammation. The pain is known to increase over time.


As much as there is no known cure for the disease, there are several treatments that are used to manage the pain. This who suffer from excess weight, have a family history of the disease, are elderly, or have a prior joint injury, are more prone to arthritis. Self-management of the patient’s health is known to decrease the scope and haste of the illness.


A good doctor is often the number one priority for patients who are suffering from arthritis ( Osteo Relief Institute features several clinics that consist of certified physicians and therapists whose main aim is to effectively treat patients effectively without having to operate on them, whilst minimizing downtime.


These multidisciplinary clinics comprise of highly advanced FDA approved equipment, that offers lasting relief from pain to the patients (YouTube). The Osteo Relief Institute are well spread throughout the State of New Jersey. The treatments that are on offer have very little or no downtime.


The friendly staff is known to treat all patents like their family members. They are well trained to ensure you receive maximum support as possible. These clinics are individually owned. With doctor-patient communication being a hindrance to most clinics, Osteo Relief Institute always ensures that the communication passed on from the doctor to the patient is the simple to understand English.


Knee and musculoskeletal pain is the emphasis of all Osteo Relief Institute. They look after 100,000,000 patients in the United States who are negatively impacted by osteoarthritis. Osteo Relief Institute is geared towards achieving a pain-free future for all their patients. Every patient is given personalized treatment that is unique to the individual.

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Glen Wakeman’s skills in Corporate Administration

Glen Wakeman is an individual who is appreciated for his outstanding entrepreneurship expertise. His business accomplishments have made him a mentor to many people. He has specialized in fields such as M&As, offering advisory services to startups, and developing innovate performance methodologies. Wakeman is the owner of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which is a renowned SAAS company that he established in 2015. He was awarded a masters degree n finance from the University of Chicago and a B.A in economics from the University of Scranton. Glen acts as LaunchPad’s CEO. The entrepreneur began his profession by serving GE Capital. His outstanding leadership expertise made him a role model to his peers on the GE board. Glen later left the firm and established Nova Four.

The performance of Glen Wakeman in the business and finance sectors has inspired many people. His exceptional management skills have enabled him to improve the productivity of top companies that have 17,000 professionals and assets that are valued at more than$15 billion. Glen guides businesses in fields such as M&As, the establishment of startups, new market entry, exponential growth, and divestitures. He has developed five essential strategies for making companies successful, and they include leadership power, risk management, governance, execution in business, and human resource.

Apart from his accomplishments in the investment sector, Wakeman is a dedicated author and has been sharing his ideologies through blog posts (Twitter). The main topics that he has written about include emerging markets, global financial issues, and corporate management. His knowledge has made him an inspiration to C-level executives. He is an excellent market strategist has been advising companies such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees.

The businessman has to date published several blog posts that enlighten people on emerging markets, the transformation of businesses, and leadership. Individuals who read his articles can gain sufficient knowledge in fields such as angel financing, capital raising, and strategy. His experience has helped in making Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees highly successful. Glen Wakeman is also a vocal speaker on matters that deal with executive development, growth, and innovation.

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Stream Energy Outlines The Merits Of Managing Energy Consumption

Most people dread finding out that their energy bills are higher than expected. Often, they ask themselves pertinent questions as to what may have triggered the high costs of energy. In addition, most households seek information on how to manage their energy consumption. The answer to low energy costs lies in considering the hidden costs of all the household gadgets.

Many people do not realize that the devices that are plugged in continue to consume energy regardless of whether the power is on or switched off. The effect of leaving gadgets plugged in is felt in the long run given that the cost of energy consumption accumulates. By shutting off energy to a gadget like a coffee maker, computer screen, printer and game console, a household can save a dollar annually. When an individual breaks power to a DVR when it is not in use, he or she can save about $36.80 in a year.

Noteworthy, energy management on an entire entertainment system can help an individual to save $130 in a year. This amount can be spent on other household goods. To earn back funds from drain, diligence is needed. By setting all gadgets into power strips and shutting off power when different devices are not in use, a household can reduce the energy costs. Moreover, it is vital to keep a watchful eye on the use of energy within the household. One can track his or her energy consumption through monitoring tools. The Your Weekly Energy Report that is sent to an individual’s inbox, especially the residents of Lone Star State, will help many households to manage their energy spending, thus they will never be in the dark again.

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a leading multi-level marketing company, which provides innovative services. Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder incorporated the company in 2005 following the deregulation of the Texas electricity market. Stream Energy is headquartered in Dallas (

Its innovative multi-level marketing strategy has transformed the energy industry. For a period of 12 years, the company generated revenues of over $8 billion, making it one of the leading multi-level marketing corporations in the energy market worldwide. Stream Energy offers a broad range of services, including wireless services, energy solutions, home services and protective services.

Experience and Achievements of Jorge Moll in his career

The broad recognition of Jorge Moll is behind his occupation of the chairmanship position at the Directors’ Committee of the Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. This adds up to his acknowledgment as a result of his leadership regarding the 2nd Phase of the task related the trends in the health sector as well as the hospital managements’ impact.


Outside the establishment of the network and being the leader of thirty-two medical centers nationally, Jorge commenced the conference related to the Network’s history (ResearchGate). It is inclusive of how it underwent a significant transformation from doing examinations into various hospitals of excellence.

Notably, he is a medical optimist and thus his start involved equipment. With the assistance of his team, Jorge turned the idea into a reality at Rio de Janeiro. The institute is broadly acknowledged about corresponding examinations. He is not only a businessperson but also a professional cardiologist. This explains his ability to identify the errors that occurred alongside the test.


He acknowledges that it offered an efficient background towards the occupation of chances. Worth noting is the extensive recognition of Rio de Janeiro following the full credit for its exemplary services throughout the 1970s and 80s across Brazil.


Worth appreciation is the efforts of Jorge in changing the entire situation for the better. It is remarkable that Rio de Janeiro is a big city. The implication is that there is no need having the network of a single hospital offering service to several areas. This is in line with his explanation. From the remarks he made, they need not only technical but also perceived quality during their patient’s retention.


As a result of the economic crisis of Brazil that saw a significant population escaping, his presentation emerged and would operate as a substitute of verticalization that would undergo the execution of specific operators. It dealt mainly with the Total Health Management Model. The target, in this case, is none other than the enhancement of health care’s provision with minimal wastage or none. What should be done is bringing down the cost at the same time utilizing the opportunities of the hospital to avail the availability of health care at the maximum value possible.

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USHEALTH Advisors Scoops Gold Stevie Award for Exemplary Sales and Customer Service

USHEALTH Advisors LLC scooped a Gold Stevie Award in the category of the National Sales Team of the Year during the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. These awards are the top honors in the world for contact center, customer service, sales and business development professionals. In addition, the Stevie Awards organize a number of the leading business awards programs in the world like the prestigious International Business AwardsSM and American Business AwardsSM. These awards were presented on February 24, 2017 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada during a gala banquet where over 650 global executives were in attendance.


In this year’s competition, over 2,300 nominations from different organizations based in all industries were evaluated. This marked a 10% increase from the number in 2016. The finalists were determined by the average scores given by 77 professionals who acted as judges globally. Over 75 members from a number of special judging committees were on hand to determine the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards placement from the finalists. The finalists had been determined earlier by another set of 77 judges. The senior vice president of Marketing at USHEALTH Advisors LLC, Mr. Bill Shelton, accepted the award on behalf of the company and that of the CEO, Troy McQuagge.

About USHEALTH Advisors LLC

USHEALTH Advisors LLC is a wholly-owned arm of the USHEALTH Group, Incorporated that deals in the distribution of national health insurance. The company sells supplementary products and individual health coverage underwritten by the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. USHEALTH Advisors LLC deals in fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, dental insurance, insurance covers for critical illness, income and accident protection solutions as well as convertible and renewable term life policy for accident, specific illness and life protection.

USHEALTH Advisors LLC moves its products to the customers via agents, who form a captive sales force. It focuses mainly on ensuring that it serves Americans who are self-employed, in small businesses and individuals. The USHEALTH Group, Incorporated was previously referred to Ascent Assurance, Incorporated before it changed its name in March 2005. It was incorporated back in 1982 and is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Read more:


The Best of Shafik Sachedina

     Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a British national, was born in Tanzania in 1950. He graduated from the University of London and fit as a dental surgeon from Guy’s Medical and Dental School in the age of 25. Since then, he has worked for a couple of health institutions serving at the top positions. Shafik has also shown some keen interest in health-care businesses. For instance, his work with the Aga Khan and Jamati Organizations embrace a willful capacity, with regards to the group’s long-standing custom of intentional administration.

To be specific, Shafik has worked for more than five health institutions across Europe, a well-recognized one being Sussex Health Care. Sussex Health Care is a health institution that delivers housing and day-care services for the old. Moreover, its objective is to be the primary supplier of housing and nursing care in the Sussex region. Fundamental to this goal, is an assurance to give the highest nature of attention given the requirements of the individual and conveyed by a five-star proficient group.

In Sussex Health Care Institution, Shafik has worked as their director since 26 April 1998. They trust that the excellent services they offer to their customers are due to devotion set for their employees, which enable them to perform to their best. Besides, they are accustomed to giving excellent treatment to anyone in need of their services. It is worth noting that Shafik has been in the forefront spearheading the movements of Sussex Health Care ensuring that they deliver the best they can to the people in need.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also the director of institutes of Ismaili Studies. He is accountable for running the agendas of Ismaili Institution in significant areas where they are located. Shafik also supervises the development of Agha Khan Network in the Middle East. Besides, he is a member and director of Islamic Publications Limited. This shows that Shafik has also worked forefront in Humanitarian Organizations.

Despite being a person from the Institute’s Board of Governors, Dr. Sachedina holds a couple of various positions in the work involved. For instance, in Ismaili Imamat and Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Agency as Aiglemont. Besides, he is the head of FOCUS Humanitarian Support International Directing Committee and a Participant of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Board. Furthermore, Dr. Sachedina has worked as a volunteer in several institutions including two successive terms as Head of the Ismaili Assembly for the United Kingdom.

Securus Technologies Provides Needed Services For Correctional Institutions and Families

Securus Technologies is a leading national provider of communications to correctional institutions, safety organizations and law enforcement entities in North America. I am amazed that at the present time, Securus Technologies serves well over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,400 facilities.


I was genuinely impressed when I learned of the scope and excellence of the communications programs that Securus provides for inmates and families which allows them to stay in communication with each other. I can readily see how the morale of inmates and families are kept at high levels by having the ability to stay in touch.


Securus has several plans for families and inmates to utilize. These vary from Direct Billing, where the bill is sent to a responsible party, such as the family, Advance Connect, where the bill is paid in advance, usually by the family, Traditional Collect where the called party pays the charge, if they accept it, and Inmate Debit where the inmate pays for the call.


Another feature that is very positively received is the virtual video conferencing feature. With this plan, inmates and their families can meet online via a video conferencing setup. It is live screening and it saves the family the time and expense of driving to the correctional facility and waiting in line for the limited available space to see their incarcerated loved one.


An added feature to the Securus communications plan is the voice recognition security feature. This application is able to recognize who is speaking on the phone on both ends of the call. This is done to be on top of calls that could be used for criminal purposes, both in and out of a facility.


The ability to stop the proliferation of drugs, alcohol, criminal plans and other nefarious activities is enhanced by this feature. If inmates and those outside are aware of this feature they are less likely to attempt criminal activity.


The Effort of D.r Scott Rocklage in Medical Reseach

D.r Scott Rocklage is a learned professional who has acquired several education levels and worked for several firms. He has worked for the Cubist Pharmaceuticals where he held the positions of being the president and the CEO at the same time. His efforts have made remarkable impacts on many individuals as he has successfully made many drug candidates in the trial to participate the clinical trials which have helped them shape their lives back to normal.

Not only the above-mentioned firm, but he had also worked for Nycomed Salutar, heading the firm as the chair and the CEO, sometime before he was also the board chair of the Relypsa firm. His jobs are multiple because right now, Dr. Scott Rocklage heads the board of Cidara, Rennovia as the Chairman. Several other firms where he is also a member of the board includes Pulmatrix and Epirus. To head all these firm is not easy and must have come from the knowledge he has acquired through learning in various institutions. He has a B.S in chemistry from California, a Ph.D. from MIT. During his studies in the MIT, he was able to conduct research that led him to win the Nobel for chemistry in the year 2005.

Scott Rocklage owns a personal business, the venture capital which is purely a science-based firm. He states that he loves studying to find out new ideas and areas which have not been explored and also working with management of the portfolio companies to ensure that the active their goals through sharing and implementing the ideas. He usually involves working with physicians, executives of various medical businesses and scientist to work on the great ideas that will enable them to invent medications to curb the new infections arising every day and those infections whose medication have not been found yet. Learn more:

He was involved in the research that helped the medical professionals dealing with cancer to be able to target the specific genotypes or the mutations in cancer DNA pattern that helped the establishment of various cancer treatment methods. Scott Rocklage expresses more concerns and educating people that when you want to become an entrepreneur, you have to focus on your people and the team you work with